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Upcoming Gigs and Shows for August!

Tuesday, August 1st- Acoustic Jam

Wednesday, August 2nd- Kamp Raven

Thursday, August 3rd- Mojo Monkeys 

Friday, August 4th- The Hailers

Saturday, August 5th- Supergirl Soundtrack

Sunday, August 6th- Karaoke

Monday, August 7th- Songwriter Series

Tuesday, August 8th- Acoustic Jam 

Wednesday, August 9th- Teresa James

Thursday, August 10th- JackiO

Friday, August 11th- Ken O'Malley & The Twilight Lords

Saturday, August 12th- Weekend Celebrity 

Sunday, August 13th- Karaoke

Monday, August 14th- Songwriter Series

Tuesday, August 15th- Acoustic Jam

Wednesday, August 16th- Matt Barrow & The All Nighters

Thursday, August 17th- Sarah DeShaw

Friday, August 18th- Whiskey Sunday

Saturday, August 19th- Fireball

Sunday, August 20th- Karaoke

Monday, August 21st- Songwriter Series

Tuesday, August 22nd- Acoustic Jam

Wednesday, August 23rd- Mojo Monkeys

Thursday, August 24th- Queen Cake

Friday, August 25th- Staggering Jack

Saturday, August 26th- Red Ball Jets

Sunday, August 27th- Karaoke

Monday, August 28th- Songwriter Series

Tuesday, August 29th- Acoustic Jam

Wednesday, August 30th- Harvey Band

Thursday, August 31st- Bleeding Harp